La Ferme Marine de Cancale
La Ferme Marine de Cancale
La Ferme Marine de Cancale
La Ferme Marine de Cancale
La Ferme Marine de Cancale
La Ferme Marine de Cancale

Discover a know-how, a profession

Oyster farming: a living heritage


Joseph Pichot was in charge of the family oyster farm "Les Parcs St. Kerber" in 1968 and had the idea of upgrading the oyster heritage. So in 1989 the Marine Farm opened its doors to the public. The aim was to familiarise visitors with the specifics of the oyster farming profession.

Situated in a magnificent and preserved environment, our site offers a breathtaking view of the port of Cancale and its bay. The influence of the tides on the landscape is undeniable. At high tide, the sound of the waves will accompany your visit. At low tide, you can admire our oyster beds.

The breeding of this valuable mollusk is hard work. Many manipulations are necessary for the growth of our Cancalaise pearl.

No wonder that our oysters have been included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of France by UNESCO since November 2019.

Visits suitable for everyone

Guided family tour
School Groups /Leisure centres
A tour adapted to curious children !
discover the oyster farming with your students. Oyster tasting opportunity.
Our oyster farming company is registered in the directory of student reception structures, of the French National Education, under the number 35030
As one group
Come and discover with family or friends the different facets of oyster farming.
Business tourism/works councils
Are you as a works council member looking for an idea for an excursion among colleagues? Over here it is !
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